Australian Open 2018: January 24th Men’s Quarterfinal Predictions

Predicted Winners in BOLD

Hyeon Chung vs. Tennys Sandgren

This is certainly an unexpected match-up.  Chung has a jump start on his career rise with a lot of computer points and a few big wins under his belt.  Sangren must be in love with the points he will take from here.  I can’t say much other than Chung should win.  I would have said that about Sangren’s other opponents to this point as well.  My guess is if Chung can beat a 6-time Australian Open champion and beat the #4 seed that he will beat Sandgren.

My Prediction: Hyeon Chung wins 6-3, 7-6, 6-2

Roger Federer vs. Tomas Berdych

Berdych can and has beaten Federer at majors.  Still, the weight of their career meetings favors Federer (including 2 major wins vs. Berdych in 2017).  Federer is 9 sets from a 20th major and a potential return to the #1 ranking.  I am not sure how that will impact the #2 seed.  Berdych is playing great tennis.  He mauled JMDP.  He has a chance as his serve and return can let him dictate play vs. anyone.  Federer’s movement and ability to improvise can shift Berdych from offense to defense more often than most though.  I like Berdych’s form a lot.  Berdych’s best chance is to attempt to pressure Federer’s service games a lot while hoping that he holds with ease.  It could happen.  However, Federer is 12-0 in sets at this Australian Open and is the defending champion.  Federer brushed a red-hot Berdych back at Wimbledon last year as well.  Until I see otherwise, Federer has to be the pick.

My Prediction: Roger Federer wins 6-7, 6-3, 7-5, 6-2


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