Australian Open 2018: Federer vs Chung Preview

Roger Federer vs. Hyeon Chung

I really have no feel for how this match will unfold.

Roger Federer is clearly the favorite as he is the #2 seed and defending champion.  Federer has a big experience advantage.

Chung has younger legs and even with a night match and with Federer having won all of his lead-in matches in straight sets, youth is a factor.

Federer will need to be sure to hold serve with efficiency and then pressure Chung’s serve.  If Chung gets Federer into a match where Roger is constantly battling to hold, error counts can grow.  I could see Roger Federer winning in 3, 4 or 5 sets and Chung winning in 4 or 5 sets.  Even if Chung is on fire, I figure Federer has enough guile and game to manufacture a set and perhaps cool his opponent down.

If I have to pick, which I do, I will pick Roger Federer to win in 4 sets.  Still, this match is tantalizingly full of unknowns.  I will enjoy it as a fan and offer some thoughts after the fact.



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