Roger Federer is Back to #1 with his 97th Career Title

Roger Federer is #1 again.  He is the oldest #1 in history supplanted Andre Agassi in that category.  Given that he defends 2000 combined points at Indian Wells and Miami, I am not sure that it will be a long reign.  Still, it is fairly unbelievable.  If Rafa wins Acapulco, where the Spaniard is defending 300 points but could gain 200 with a title, it will be a very short reign.  Undoubtedly, injuries to Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, and others have made it easier for the past 14 months on tour to look like The Roger and Rafa Show of the mid-2000s to look like it got a reboot.  Still, Ivan Lendl said in defense of those deriding Graf’s calendar Grand Slam at the 1988 US Open, “… amazing, unbelievable. I don’t care if it was against old ladies or everybody was sick.”  I will paraphrase Lendl, “Against a depleted field or not, Federer reaching #1 at 36 is amazing.”

Federer’s #1 Records: Most Total Weeks at #1: 303 Weeks and Counting Most Consecutive Weeks at #1: 237 Weeks Oldest Man to be Ranked #1 Longest Gap Between 1st and Most Recent Stint at #1 Longest Gap Between Stints at #1 


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