What I Would Do With International Competitions in Tennis

World's Fair

My Simple Plan

Tennis is one of the most international sports on the planet.  Players from multiple countries contend for tournaments held all over the world.  Competitions such as Davis Cup are older than the World Cup and Ryder Cup.  Still, times change and perhaps some tweaking of the tennis system for these competitions is needed.  Here is my simple plan:

  1. Every Four Years the Olympic Games are Held – During those Years Davis Cup and Federation Cup take a hiatus
  2. During Odd Numbered Years – Davis Cup and Federation Cup should be held retaining much of their in their current format.
  3. On the non-Olympic Even Years – A Male and Female Team Competition between countries should be held.  It could be a radically beefed up and retooled Hopman Cup or could be named for Billy Jean King in honor of World Team Tennis.  Either way, male and female players from a given nation-state would be part of a team working toward a common prize.

If I Could Dream

I would add male and female national team competitions to the first week of the Summer Olympics with individual singles and doubles medals being decided in the second week of the Olympics.

Other Stuff

  • Events such as Hopman Cup could be left in place if they did not evolve into the 3rd portion of my simple plan.
  • Events such as Laver Cup, World Team Tennis, and International Premier Tennis League should be left to grow or fade on their own.
  • The ATP, WTA, and ITF need to cooperate rather than work against each other when looking at creating new team-based international competitions.




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