My History of Favorable Treatment from Tournaments toward Stars

One more throwback Thursday post before 2018 ends.

Tennis Abides: Dan Martin on Tennis and Life

Roger Federer’s frequent night play on Rod Laver Arena sparked some controversy at this year’s Australian Open.

I will start with 1991 because I recall the write-up of Jimmy Connors 1991 US Open run mentioning him asking for and receiving extra night matches.

Could Connors have run like this during the day and recovered as quickly?

1991 US Open –Jimmy Connors received extra night matches and main court matches despite needing a wild card to play the US Open.  He also played main court matches at Wimbledon and Roland Garros earlier in 1991.

The Victims – Connors’ opponents who may have benefited from day matches.  Connors did beat a top 10 seed as well as Aaron Krickstein in day matches.

The Rationale – Connors was the biggest story at the event after a first round 5 set night match win over Patrick McEnroe.  Connors had also helped to build…

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