2012 Australian Open Men’s Final: Live Commentary

Relive what I think is the greatest match ever played. #AustralianOpen

Tennis Abides: Dan Martin on Tennis and Life

My grammar could be dicey as I am typing in real time

Expect Sentence Fragments

First Set Nadal 4 – Djokovic 2

Rafa held off several break points to consolidate the break.  Nole is upset that he is not moving well.  Rafa is serving pretty well and has his sneer out in full force.  I have not seen Rafa sneer this much since the 2007 Wimbledon final.

First Set Nadal 4 – Djokovic 3

Nole holds to keep the first set in contention.  Can Rafa maintain his high level of serving?  On a side note, my 3 year old has woken up and is cutting into my typing.  Djokovic yet to find his range.  Rafa needs to win this 1st set as he can’t let Nole off the hook for these misses.

First Set Nadal 4 – Djokovic 4

After Djokovic gifted Nadal a few unforced errors, Nadal gave momentum…

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