Naomi Osaka and Tennis over the Next 36 Months

Japan is the world’s third largest economy. Naomi Osaka just won the US Open for the second time in 24 months. She won the 2019 Australian Open and achieved the #1 ranking between these two US Open triumphs. The Olympic games will be held in Tokyo sometime soon (Summer 2021 is the best estimate).

These realities all exist as the Professional Tennis Players Association is trying to get off the ground with the goal of players receiving a greater share of revenue generated by tennis tournaments.

Naomi Osaka is a revenue generator in tennis. She is willing to speak out on social issues. Of all players under 25 on either tour, she has the most name recognition and major successes. If tennis is going to build a youth movement and market players who don’t have over 10 and in some cases over 20 years in the public consciousness, Naomi Osaka is the first player to promote.

The PTPA would be wise to court Osaka and see what it can do to have her enter the fray.


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