Australian Open 2021: Things I like About Australia

I have not been to Australia yet, but there are many things about Australian culture that I like. Of course, Australia has a supremely rich tennis tradition. I grew up serving and volleying so I am sure I would have loved Lew Hoad, I have autographs from Rod Laver (!), John Newcombe, Fred Stolle, and Tony Roche, and loved Patrick Rafter’s attacking tennis.

Outside of Tennis

Favorite Australian Film – Gallipoli


Favorite Australian Sport – Australian Rules Football

This looks more fun than US football (and like an injury waiting to happen)

Favorite Australian Animal – The Saltwater Crocodile

Traffic looks bad here

Australian Contributions to Music – There are a lot. Midnight Oil, Kylie Minogue, INXS, AC/DC, Oliva Newton John, Men at Work, and others had hits in the US where I live and grew up. Still, I think Tommy and Phil Emmanuel desrve a wider audience to this day.

Favorite Avenger – Whether is it Thor ot Lebowski Thor, Australia’s Chris Hemsworth brought a Marvel hero to life in good ways.

I think Australia is the type of place a laid back person like me, who also loves crocodiles, could enjoy many years. Here is to the Happy Slam kicking off the 2021 Major Season!


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