10 and Under Tennis: Tennis A-Z Free e-Book Review


Tennis A-Z by Lissa Johnston

Free eBook Link – http://10u10s.blogspot.com/p/free-ebook.html

I will provide a link to Tennis A-Z a few other times, but to give a sense of what I am reviewing I thought placing the link at the top was a good idea.

10 and Under Tennis: Introducing a Sport for Life

10 and Under Tennis is one of the most exciting things I have seen due to its potential for growing the sport of tennis.  The equipment and methods make tennis something that can be grasped and enjoyed by smaller children.  Given that tennis is a sport for life and that the US has a problem with obesity, I think growing the sport of tennis is something that can play a role in confronting the obesity problem in the US.  I am happy to see that big box stores such as Target and Meijer carry 10 and Under racquets and balls.  I have helped a local tennis instructor teach juniors this spring and summer.  I am so impressed with his work and the logic behind 10 and Under Tennis that I have been investigating drills and techniques for imparting tennis to a new generation.

Ideas and Methods for Teaching 10 and Under Tennis

Lissa Johnston, an instructor certified by the Professional Tennis Registry, has done a great favor for people like me trying to find new ways to attract interest and impart skills to young tennis players.  She has put together a free eBook with 26 drills and activities when running a 10 and Under Tennis clinic or lesson.  Each drill/activity corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.  This structure means the drills/activities are not a paint-by-numbers approach and each drill can be done independently or in conjunction with any of the others.

Some well-known drills such as King/Queen of the Court and Jailbreak are included.  These drills are well known because they are fun and have stood the test of time.  The Godzilla and Pac-Man drills are great ways to get kids running and warmed up for tennis.  I was part of an instruction team that used the Godzilla drill last week, and the kids loved the competition despite the heat and humidity.  Bump Up is a great drill for 10 and Under Tennis as well.

Highest Recommendation

Tennis coaching and instruction often involves listening to and adapting approaches used by other coaches and instructors.  Lissa Johnston has put 26 well thought out drills for 10 and Under Tennis into one place.   Her intent is that this be useful to people interested in growing tennis because she has made the content available for free(!).  I simply used google drive to open and read Tennis A-Z.  Her work and intent are both exemplary and receive my full endorsement.

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