Favorite Racquet Sport other than Lawn Tennis (Poll)

I have watched Royal Tennis once and I have to say the scoring system is the most complex of any sport of which I can think.

Table Tennis is a lot of fun.

Badminton and Speedminton are cool too.

I have never played Squash, but I would like to some day.

Racquetball is not my thing.  I played once beating someone who played frequently.  Beginner’s luck I guess.

I have never played Soft Tennis or Paddle Tennis.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. tennis fan says:

    Odd Topic …. but I am going to pick table tennis

  2. jeanius0515 says:

    I played badminton as a kid and liked it. I tried squash in my 30s, because you can play it indoors in the winter, but courts are hard to find, except at a club. I liked it. The skill is more precise than tennis, which I much prefer. What is speedminton? I also like table tennis.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      http://www.speedmintonusa.com/ I have hit around with it but never kept score. It is fun though. Squash sounds like an interesting pursuit.

  3. Mike Swanquis says:

    Platform tennis (colloquially called “paddle tennis”, though I think there is another sport which also shares that name…the one where Gael Monfils evidently beat down all the best players in the world in his first go…I’m speaking of the winter sport played on raised, chicken wire-enclosed platforms) gets the nod over ping pong, but only slightly.

    (One should always have parentheticals which are several times longer than the meat of the post. [It’s “post”-modern.])

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