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  1. tennis fan says:

    The 200 G is the only racquet in recent times to win a calendar Grand Slam/Golden Slam

  2. Dan Martin says:

    I think it is odd that to this point no one has picked the Pro Staff. Given that Edberg, Sampras, Courier, Evert and even Connors and Federer used it at one time or another it seems like a great racquet. I still like the 200 G best and Steffi Graf, Johnny Mac and Martina Navratilova (using a disguised one in 1987), give it a great pedigree too.

  3. Mike Swanquis says:

    I couldn’t play with the old Pro Staff back in the day, though now use a Wilson K Blade Tour…so I guess it must owe some of its legacy to the Kramer.

    The Prince was the only one of those racquets that I ever hit with back in the day and actually could have seen myself using. Though I don’t think I ever even tried the Dunlop. (I’m allergic to Head. Er, the brand!)

  4. tennis fan says:

    The 200G probably played the most like a wooden racquet of any non-wooden racquet. It was also a slight wide-body before the wide-body craze even occurred. It had a lot of feel and rewarded long swings. A player like Agassi would not have done well with it, but Sampras or Graf with big/full swings could benefit from the feel it provided. I think the Prince was the most influential in terms of having an oversize racquet face and being lighter than the 200G.

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