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  1. Dan Martin says:

    On one hand, Roger banked 3000 points in November giving him room to make up ground Jan-Oct. On the other, Nole banked 3600 points in Canada, Cincinnati and New York alone. Nole has a ton of points to defend Through Wimbledon, but he gave himself a cushion after Wimbledon. Plus, he could improve his clay court haul. Rafa has 4 Masters Series runner-ups to defend equaling 2400 points plus two slam runner-up finishes add another 2400 points. Throw in Monte Carlo’s 1000, Barcelona’s 500, and Roland Garros’ 2000 and Rafa has a lot of defending to do as well. Roger has less to defend, but at 30 is he going to chase points if it means exhaustion? Delpo and Tsonga could be real spoilers as they could soak up some points these guys are defending meaning they drop off from 2011.

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