Wimbledon 2012 Ladies’ Semifinal Predictions

Predicted Winner in BOLD


Williams leads 7-1

I think Serena has made it past a couple of dangerous matches already.  Vika is capable of winning this match.  Her tough loss to Serena at the 2011 US Open propelled Vika to her great start in 2012 (imho).  Still, Serena may be looking at one of her last and best opportunities to win a major title.  I think Serena can play at a level Vika cannot (as of yet ?) reach so Williams has more paths to victory in what could be a great match.

While I am picking Williams to win, I should note that an Azarenka title run at Wimbledon would give her clear control of the women’s game.
[8] ANGELIQUE KERBER (GER #8) vs. [3] AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA (POL #3) Series tied at 2-2

I kept picking against Kerber, but she has made a believer out of me.  If Kerber can limit her error total, she has a great chance to be the first German since Steffi Graf in 1999 to compete for a Wimbledon singles crown.  Make no mistake, the error total will be the defining factor in this match.

Finally, I want to say that the WTA website has a great feature known as “Match Notes.”  The ATP website would be well served to either have a similar feature or to make their existing feature easier to find.

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  1. jane says:

    Ha, although you’ll probably be right, I am hoping for the exact opposite: Aggy and Vika.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      As a fan, I’d like to see Vika win. She is younger and can be the future of the WTA. The WTA needs a stabilizing influence even if things have been better on that front.

      Aggy and Kerber I am neutral on as a fan goes. I just kept picking Kerber to lose, and she keeps winning.

      1. well you are 0 for 1. Lets hope you are 0-2. Although Williams Radwanska might be a more compelling final as we have seen the Vika-Radwanska match 6 times this year and there is nothing that lets me think it would be any different

      2. Dan Martin says:

        Kimberly, I agree. I kept picking Kerber to lose, and she kept winning. I picked her to win, and she losses. I should have stuck with my gut instinct going back to the Clijsters match.

  2. If Williams plays like she did today I don’t think Radwanska will get more than 4 games.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      No doubt that Williams will be favored

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