Wimbledon 2012 Gentlemen’s Semifinal Predictions

Predicted Winner in BOLD


1 Novak Djokovic vs. 3 Roger Federer

Things have worked out well for Roger since the 2011 US Open ended.  He is 2 matches away from the number 1 ranking.  Federer can win this match.  However, Nole is in a spot to solidify number 1 for the year and to win his 2nd consecutive Wimbledon title.  If Nole wins this event, the tennis landscape looks a lot like it did from 2005-2007.  If Federer wins this match, then a sprint for number 1 is on regardless of who wins this title.  (more on this match in my next post)

4 Andy Murray vs. 5 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

In a match that has so many potential side stories and outside influences, I just want to look at the single most tangible thing I have.  The 2011 Queen’s Club final saw Andy Murray win a close match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.  I think this match will be close.  Obviously, Tsonga has less pressure on him and this could make the difference.  If Murray serves well, I think his return game and counter punching will be enough to advance.

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