Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic – My Pick

Dear readers,

I have had some difficulty the past 8 days with predictable access to the internet.  This is not great timing for a Grand Slam, but life does what it does sometimes.  In tennis news:
I am picking Andy Murray to win 6-3, 5-7, 7-5, 6-4.


  • I know Djokovic is 33-1 in his past 5 Hard Court Slams
  • I know Novak beat Murray down under and in Miami this year
  • I know Novak is playing some of his best tennis of 2012

I think Murray will win for 3 reasons:

  1. It is time.  Murray has reached his 5th slam final.  He’s due.  He played pretty well at Wimbledon and won Olympic Gold by beating Novak and Roger back-to-back (yes on grass but still…).
  2. Ivan Lendl has paid off as coach.  Novak is in his 3rd consecutive US Open final and 4th overall.  Lendl reached 8 consecutive US Open finals.  Lendl will give Murray good advice on both a plan A and a plan B in this match.
  3. The only way to end the trend of Monday finals that started in 2008 is for the man who lost that final to take home a US Open title.  Federer won in 08 and had 4 other US Open titles.  Delpo beat Fed in 09 who already had 5 titles.  Rafa beat Novak in 2010, and Nole beat Rafa in 2011.  The only Monday finalist to not have a US Open crown is Murray.

Close to a 50-50 Match

On paper, Novak is a slight favorite.  Point three’s numerology was a disaster of a point.  These two guys are incredibly quick and have tremendous return games.  I think the winner will be the player who serves better to minimize the return pressure of his opponent.  Murray ended the Olympics with multiple aces.  I think mentally he is ready to have a day where his game clicks and have a match where he is confident that he has the goods when he goes to the well for a big shot.

My Head says Novak in 4

My Gut says Murray in 4

My Heart says a Match of Equal Quality to their 2012 Australian Open tilt.


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