Final Power Ranking of 2012 – Novak is the One

Dan Martin’s 2012 Power Ranking

Year End Ranking

Video Clips for A Player’s Biggest Moment of 2012 Provided

  1. Novak Djokovic – Nole won the Australian Open, the World Tour Finals, 3 Masters 1000 events and another title.  Throw in 2 Grand Slam runner-up finishes and 3 Masters 1000 finishes and Novak is the clear number one for 2012.  Had Rafa remained healthy who knows, but injuries are part of sports and Nole put together the best year.  
  2. Roger Federer – Like Djokovic, Federer won a Grand Slam title and 3 Masters 1000 events.  He also collected titles in Dubai and Rotterdam.  Throw in runner-up finishes at the Olympic Games, Halle, Basel and the World Tour finals and the over 30 Federer went 6-4 in tournament finals.  He’s now older than Pete Sampras was when he hung up his racquets in 2002 after ending a 26 month title drought with a US Open title win.  Federer looks to keep adding hardware in the nest 2 years.  His win over Andy Murray at the World Tour Finals helped Roger leap frog Murray to number 2 in my non-binding rankings (not yet at least).  Change since last ranking +1
  3. Andy Murray – Murray’s US Open win and Gold Medal change the landscape of tennis, but his 0-9 finish in the Masters 1000 events will have to change if he wishes to reach #1 in 2013.  Murray was 0-2 vs. Nole and Roger in the World Tour Finals.  I expect Andy to do well in 2013.  Change since last ranking -1 
  4. David Ferrer – The “other” Spaniard led the tour with 7 titles.  Ferrer went 2-1 in round robin play at the World Tour Finals and went 2-0 in singles on the road against the Czech Republic in the Davis Cup Final.  Neither result could lift Ferrer out of circumstances he could not control.  Still, beating Tipsy, JMDP, Berdych and Stepanek on fast surfaces demonstrates how strong Ferrer is as a player. 
  5. Rafael Nadal – Rafa’s injury has left him on the shelf since the end of June.  His first 1/2 of 2012 was the best of any player.  The Australian Open will be interesting.  I think and hope Rafa returns to Big 4 status pretty quickly.  Still, this is a long time to be off of the tour for anyone.
  6. Tomas Berdych – The big man went 1-1 in singles play and won a point in doubles to help the Czech Republic claim the Davis Cup title.  Change since last ranking +1 
  7. Juan Martin del Potro – JMDP recently won his 14th and 15th career singles titles.  The big man won a Bronze medal and reached 3 Grand Slam quarterfinal rounds in 2012.  Beating Roger Federer in Basel and the World Tour Finals says a lot about where JMDP is at heading into 2013.  Change from last ranking -1 
  8. Marin Cilic – The Croatian has slowly returned to his 2009 and early 2010 form.  *
  9. Richard Gasquet – His recent play earns the enigmatic star a slot in my top 10.  *
  10. Radek Stepanek Winning a doubles point and the final singles point in a deadlocked Davis Cup final puts Stepanek in the the top 10 for the end of the year. Change from last ranking – not ranked 

Biggest Movers – Roger Federer +1, Tomas Berdych +1, Andy Murray -1, Juan Martin del Potro -1

Entered the Rankings – Radek Stepanek 

Dropped Out – Jerzy Janowicz – This is still a tremendous story considering what the prize money and ranking points will mean for his career going forward.

* – Sorry to Cilic and Gasquet but neither brought home a Slam, a World Tour Final title, a 1000 series event, an Olympic medal or a Davis Cup title so they get no video clip love.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Swanquis says:

    Ha, didn’t even realize the Davis Cup had reached “fruition” (with QFs likely to be held next week *cough*) until reading it here just now!

  2. Ryan says:

    Cool article..thanks for all the cool posts

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Thanks again I have not been online as much lately due to a minor crisis that hit, but I plan on being back at it for the Australian Open 2013

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