Tennis Power Ranking 2013: Mallorcan Conquistador

Power Ranking 2013 #12

A lot of movement after 2013’s FInal Grand Slam

1.  Rafael Nadal – What can be said.  He missed the Australian Open and lost at the first round at Wimbledon.  Heck, Rafa has lost 2 clay court matches this year.  All of that is true, and Rafa has locked up the #1 ranking in my power ranking for 2013.  

2.  Novak Djokovic – 2013 has been a cruel year for Nole.  He’s won 24 matches at Grand Slam tournaments, but is looking up at Rafa who holds two of the four biggest prizes to Nole’s one.

3.  Andy Murray – His Wimbledon win keeps him at #3 where he is likely to stay minus a complete meltdown to end the year, but Murray has not done much since Wimbledon ended.

4.  David Ferrer – His Grand Slam consistency in 2013 landed him with 19 match wins at the majors.  Ferrer deserves to be number 4.  Change since last ranking +3

5.  Stanislas Wawrinka – He moves into the rankings in a big way.  Wawrinka has an outside chance to take his career to an even higher place in the next 24 months. Also, he is the RIchard Pryor of men’s tennis with some unpredictable language.  Change since last ranking – Not ranked

6.  Richard Gasquet – He overcame his round of 16 hurdle by saving a match point and beating Raonic in 5 sets.  He followed that up by reversing a bad history vs. Ferrer to reach his second career Grand Slam semifinal.  He even managed to play a solid second set versus Nadal.  Change since last ranking – Not ranked

7. Tomas Berdych – Reaching the round of 16 and losing to a red hot Wawrinka was not a bad result.  Still, after reaching the US Open semis in 2012 this was a drop off. Change since last ranking – 2

8.  Milos Raonic – He looked good in New York and lost a nail biter to Richard Gasquet. Change since last ranking +1

9.  John Isner – His round of 32 showing was not bad, but he is in the top ten on the strength of his results in Atlanta, DC and Cincinnati.  He has to start winning off of US soil to stay in my top 10.  Change since last ranking – 3

10.  Roger Federer (tie) – Roger looked strong in his first 3 matches in New York.  Then he played a flat and error prone match to lose to Tommy Robredo for the first time in 11 meetings. Does he still have the desire to pay the price during training and on the court? No one could blame him if his priorities and motivations have shifted.  Change since last ranking -2 

10.  Juan Martin del Potro (tie) – What does his wrist have left?  Is he wanting to take the fight to the top players?  The game is there, but JMDP’s health and mental toughness are question marks.  His loss to Hewitt after leading 2 sets to 1 and his loss to Isner at Cincinnati after double faulting on match point in the 2nd set only to get rolled in the 3rd set have JMDP dropping.  Change since last ranking – 6

Dropped Out – Jerzy Janowicz and Tommy Haas

Biggest Mover – Juan Martin del Potro dropped 6 spots!

Entered the Poll – Stanislas Wawrinka and Richard Gasquet

Knocking on the Door -Philipp Kohlschreiber 

13 Comments Add yours

  1. M says:

    Aww. Tommy Haas gets dropped down because of one bad match, after a hardcourt (and claycourt) season that vaulted him back into the top 20? Even after his post-injury comeback?

    How about we push John Isner out of the way till he learns how to stay off the Twitter when he’s having a bourbon-fueled mini-tantrum instead? Then there will be room for Tommy to stay.

    Where does one register a protest? 🙂

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Fed beat Haas recently so I could not put him there. Isner was in the final of a Masters 1000 event recently. If Haas has a good indoor season, he’ll be back.

  2. here is the question, who had a better year at the slams, Nadal, Murray Djoker?
    Nadal=2 wins, 1 first round, 1 dnp=4000 pts
    Djoker=1 win 2finals, 1 semi=5120
    Murray=1 win, 1 final, 1 qtr, 1 DNP=3560

    So in points it is Djoker, but nadal has the two titles. I would say it is close. Djoker has consistency (no first round flamers to journeymen), nadal has two titles. I call it a tie. What do you guys think.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      I’d take Rafa’s year over the other two but maybe I just did not get enough trophies as a kids.

  3. jane says:

    kimberly i think nole would rather have another title this year for sure, but there is no doubt he’s been the most consistently successful at ALL the slams for the past 3 years running. i am proud of him! 🙂

    Nole W, SF, W, W – 3 slams
    Muzz F, QF, SF, SF – no slams
    Rafa F, W, F, F – 1 slam

    Nole W, F, SF, F – 1 slam
    Muzz SF, SF, F, W – 1 slam
    Rafa F, W, 2nd round, DNP – 1 slam

    Nole W, SF (F? ;)), F, F – 1 slam
    Muzz F, DNP, W, QF – 1 slam
    Rafa DNP, W, 1st round, W – 2 slams

    SO: in the past 3 seasons
    Nole – 5 slams, 4 finals and 3 semifinals
    Muzz – 2 slams, 3 finals, 4 semis, 2 quarters and 1 DNP
    Rafa – 4 slams, 4 finals, 2 first/second rounds, and 2 DNP

  4. Jane, for sure that consistency is outrageous and underappreciated. He probably doesn’t even appreciaite it because for Nole, Rafa, Murray Fed winning is really the only acceptable result.

  5. jane says:

    yes, he said he’d rather have another title. oh well. maybe next year.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      I think Nole is saying all of the right things since the USO about looking at this as a challenge. I think Nole seemed a little sullen after the French and Wimbledon losses, but seems aggravated but dedicated. The thing nadal has done that is so rare is to figure out how to consistently beat someone who figured him out. Borg did not do that w/ Mac. Fed did not with Nole. Maybe Connors in 82 is similar but really once a guy gets passed by someone they normally never pass the other player (barring injuries etc).

  6. Rod Federer says:

    I would say Novak, Kimberly.

  7. Dan:

    Fed did not with Nole? Did he not beat him in 2012 semis? Nadal’s comeback is nothing unique. Everyone and their mommy were sure Fed would not be no.1 at the end of 2011. Federer did that. If a guy at 30 years and 1000+ matches can comeback like Federer did, I am sure Nadal at 27 and 750 matches making a comeback is not so surprising.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Good point … I think we saw between the French Open Wimbledon and US Open how quickly a player can rise fall and rise. Evaluating it all may involve taking a step backwards and letting some time pass.

    2. Dan Martin says:

      But I also think Rafa has won something like 6 of his last 7 vs. Nole. Roger beat Nole at Wimbledon and Cincy in 2012 but lost to him in Paris and the World Tour Finals – much more even exchange than 6 out of 7.

  8. Rod Federer says:


    Fed did not with Nole? Did he not beat him in 2012 semis? Nadal’s comeback is nothing unique. Everyone and their mommy were sure Fed would not be no.1 at the end of 2011. Federer did that. If a guy at 30 years and 1000+ matches can comeback like Federer did, I am sure Nadal at 27 and 750 matches making a comeback is not so surprising.

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