Davis Cup 2014: First Round Day 2 Recap

Davis Cup 2014

  • Germany and France advanced with 3-0 victories on their home courts
  • Switzerland eliminated Serbia on the road 3-0
  • US Tennis mounted some resistance with a doubles win to head into the final day trailing the UK 1-2.  
  • Italy leads Argentina 2-1.
  • Japan and Kazakstan lead 2-1 on their home courts.
  • Davis Cup is one of the few places along with Olympic Tennis in which doubles plays such an important role.  With the exception of Serena Williams, the days of breakfast at Wimbledon with Navratilova or McEnroe playing in the singles and doubles finals seem to be over.  Here though a doubles point can spell the difference between a nation winning or losing.  In Olympic play, even mixed doubles now has medal status.  A nation will just as gladly take a gold for their overall count in doubles as singles.
  • Having said all of this, I think Davis Cup may need an overhaul.

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