Federer beats Tursunov in 4, faces Gulbis in 4th Round

Riley's Federer Blog

Hi guys, as Roland Garros is going on, the main contenders are still there(except for stan, who I said had a difficult opponent in Garcia-Lopez, and he failed to beat him), with Nadal winning effortlessly while Djokovic and Roger had to work to beat there opponents

Roger’s match was tough, with a non-inspired Federer and Tursunov giving everything, but Roger again holding himself into position, and even though losing the second set, he stayed solid and recorded a 7-5, 6-7(7-9), 6-2 , 6-4 win.

Match Summary:

In the first set, it was all very tight until 5-5 for Federer, when he managed to get the break and take the 1st set 7-5

The second set was a copy of the first, except that when Roger was 6-5 leading and had three break points(0-40), he didn’t win any of them and they went to the tiebreak. There, Roger had a set…

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