Wimbledon 2014 Midpoint Thoughts

Wimbledon’s Middle Sunday


Milos is finding his grass footing

Jon Wertheim has praised Wimbledon for sticking with their policy of not having matches (and broadcasts) on the Middle Sunday despite the practice meaning Wimbledon leaves a lot of revenue on the table.  It is an anachronistic idea, but that helps make Wimbledon Wimbledon.  Here are some thoughts:

  • Serena Williams loss reveals some sort of trouble for the remainder of her career.  I am not sure what the problem or problems may be, but three early losses at slams is not a good is not a good trend for a world #1.  My guess is increased match play would be helpful at smoothing out some of these kinks so the US Open Series might see a lot of Serena.
  • Roger Federer has won 6 straight on grass and 15 out of 16 sets on grass in 2014.  He is a contender, but I still think he’s in the 4th slot for contention.
  • Watching the World Cup I have come to the conclusion that Rafael Nadal comports himself a lot like a soccer player.  Don’t confuse Nadal’s 3 lost sets with him struggling.  Rafa is going to be hard to beat in a 3 out of 5 set match.
  • Maria Sharapova has to be happy with Serena’s loss, but for whatever reason I think someone else wins the Ladies’ title.  I’d love to see Petra Kvitova come back with a second title, but that seems like a long-shot.
  • Grigor Dimitrov has 3 titles in 2014, and he has Grand Slam wins over Milos Raonic and Alexandr Dolgopolov.  
  • Speaking of Milos Raonic, he has shown a lot of improvement on grass.   He could give anyone trouble in the second week if his serve is clicking.
  • Jerzy Janowicz will not repeat his 2013 showing, but his feisty play is the first sign of life for JJ in quite some time.  I welcome him looking alive again.
  • Venus Williams looked better in defeat than Serena did.
  • Kevin Anderson is into the round of 16 for the 3rd time at a Grand Slam in 2014.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam Davis says:

    All really good notes! I hadn’t even noticed Anderson has made the R16 at every major. That’s a quietly great result for him.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Yeah, Mr Anderson as I call him has had a nice year 2 runner-up finishes on hard courts and 3 final 16s at least.

    2. Dan Martin says:

      I call him Mr Anderson because of the Matrix I guess that would make Andy Murray Agent Murray who knows …

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