Why Tennis is the Best Sport


This series will with humor argue that tennis is the best sport for fans to follow.  We will look at some sports as groups and some individually.

The Obvious Ones

Bowling:  Tennis is better than bowling for a myriad of reasons.  First, bowling has a cap on how well a players’ performance can be measured.  If a player in 1970 bowled a 300 game and a player today bowls a 300 game, they bowled equally well by the metric of the scoreboard.  Of course, improved bowling balls or shoes might improve the frequency of 300 games, but we’ve seen the pinnacle at which the sport can be executed.  As great as John Newcombe was at hitting shots, I think we can safely say that Novak Djokovic often hits shots that the techniques and equipment of Newcombe’ day would not allow for in any practical manner. Therefore, tennis’ scoring system does not impose a limit on how well the sport can be played.  Beyond all of that, stamina, agility, speed, etc. are not overly emphasized by bowling.  These factors make tennis more interesting than bowling.

Golf: A recent article claimed that golf is the hardest of all sports.  Uh … To golf’s credit, I think that the lack of reflexes in golf leads to every golf shot requiring great mental concentration.  Having said that, tennis players have to do very precise things on the court with the prospect of an opponent punishing failures of execution.  From that standpoint, tennis offers a fan one great advantage over golf.  Tennis has direct competition in which one competitor’s quality of shot directly impacts the odds of success for his opponent. This interplay between competitors adds a layer of complexity to tennis that golf lacks.  Beyond that, agility, stamina, and conditioning mean that the human form is pushed further and harder in tennis than in golf. Many fans want to see the human form at its peak and do not want to see a 59-year-old nearly win a top prize.

Psychologically they pushed each other, but neither directly impacted the position or dificulty of their opponent’s next shot

Darts and Jarts:

I just wanted to say jarts.

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