Other Things from Australia That Deserve a Wider Audience

The Australian Open moved to the start of the tennis season in 1987 and switched to a hard court in 1988.  It even added a stadium with a roof (USTA that was 1988).  The Australian Open has slowly rebuilt itself as an event and is now as good of an event as there is in tennis.  What else from Australia should the rest of the world be paying attention to?

1.  Australian Rules Football – Want an alternative to Deflategate?

Look at this – it is insane in a good way

2.  Australian Slang – Every language group will adapt a language overtime, but fair dinkum and other Aussie phrases need to be part of the broader English lexicon.

3.  This Guy – How is he not doing some sort of show reaching out to the entire English speaking world?  His “Know what I mean?” is one of the most funny yet awkward moments in human history.

4.  Australian Music – Am I the only person to like Men at Work, Midnight Oil, INXS, Phil Emmanuel, Tommy Emmanuel, and Wolfmother?  Australian bands and musicians are money.  Who knew the Bee Gees were Aussies?

You thought I would play Land Down Under

5.  Bananas in Pyjamas – I love PBS Kids, but this seems inventive.

This freaked my daughter out so maybe it is not for everyone

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