2015 Power Ranking: Nole Wins #5 Down Under

Tennis Power Ranking 2015: #1

Given that I live so close to Cincinnati we can all hope these are used for seedings at Masters Cincinnati

  1. Novak Djokovic – Nole ended 2014 well and started 2015 with his 5th Australian Open title.  He is set up nicely to finish his 4th year at #1 and is the apex predator on the ATP Tour.  He is also clearly elated to be a father and husband.  I think a relaxed Nole plays devastating tennis so the rest of the tour needs to watch out or else it might be swallowed in 2015.
  2. Andy Murray – The Australian Open represented a major turn around from his form at the World Tour Finals last November.  Murray looked strong in beating Dimitrov, Kyrgios, and Berdych in succession.  He’d like to have a few break points to play over again in the 1st and 3rd sets of the Australian Open.  If he can clear a mental hurdle or two, a rematch of the 2013 Wimbledon final may be in the offing.
  3. Stanislas Wawrinka – He is coming off of a Davis Cup win and a win in India.  He defended his title gamely and pushed Nole as hard as anyone in the draw.  I think Stan will threaten at Wimbledon and the US Open.  
  4. Rafael Nadal – A lot of questions hover over Rafa and his ability to play a full season on tour.  Even in 2013 when he finished #1, Rafa missed the Australian Open and lost in the 1st round at Wimbledon.  In 2012 and 2014, Rafa more or less shut things down after Wimbledon.  Still, the Latin American and European clay court circuits are in front of him on the schedule so his quarterfinal finish leads to … greener/red pastures.
  5. Tomas Berdych – The Big Czech is recently married and has a new coach.  He is one of the guys carrying the mantle for Big Man Tennis at the moment.  With JMDP and Cilic hurt, Berdych currently fills that niche in the ecosystem of tennis by himself.  
  6. Roger Federer – His Davis Cup title and win in Brisbane both bode well for 2015.  His early loss in Melbourne does not.  With Federer, he has always been good when one takes a long view at his prospects.  I am sure Wimbledon is the goal for 2015, and I think he will be ready for that event.  Roger will likely outperform Berdych on a weekly basis.  Also, if Rafa’s health has a hiccup and Stan has inconsistencies, Roger will be right back in the top 2-3 of my power rankings (something I am sure he worries about).
  7. Kei Nishikori – Kei’s play in Miami, Madrid, the US Open, and Tokyo last year mark him out as a man on the move.  His play in Melbourne was good, but a cut below that of Stan’s.
  8. Milos Raonic – His serve can carry him far in tennis.  Milos was steady in Masters 1000 events last year.  He was runner-up at Brisbane.  In his past 4 slams, Milos has posted a 16-4 record with one semifinal finish and 2 quarterfinal finishes.  Milos will have to make his forehand more lethal and become a more efficient returner to get beyond just being a consistent performer at big events.
  9. Nick Kyrgios – The kid has a big game and a lot of charisma.  He reached the quarters in Melbourne and at Wimbledon last year.  He played well at the 2014 US Open too.  Maybe in 2015 we’ll see some better results at the 250, 500, and 1000 level events too.
  10. Grigor Dimitrov – His round of 16 loss to Murray was part of a competitive match.  He also reached the semifinals at Brisbane.  Grigor is capable of big things, but he like Milos has to add something more to what he is doing because at present it is not enough to dislodge the champions ahead of him.

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  1. jane says:

    you predicted well dan – nole in 4. maybe not the scoreline but the sets and victor. thanks for the update.

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