Evaluating DDP Yoga for Tennis – Phase 1

I dabbled with DDPYoga during cold weather months, will committing to it improve my tennis?

I have gained more weight than I would like over the past several years.  Despite eating a pretty healthy diet by US standards, I have through inaction, stress, and lack of sleep managed to not be particularly well conditioned.  This lack of conditioning and extra weight has adversely impacted my tennis.  I want to address my lack of conditioning in a manner that will help my tennis game and possibly help yours as well.  Therefore, I will be placing accountability on myself over the month of April and to report to my readers what improvements, if any, I make.

I have coached high school tennis players for 5 years in addition to following professional tennis and playing tennis.  With a new month and warm weather finally hitting my region, I am playing tennis frequently once again.  However, I want to find a way to expedite my return to fitness.  In addition to playing more tennis, I am going to use at least one of the workouts from DDP Yoga every day for the month of April.  On days that I play tennis, I will adapt the 10 minute wake-up routine so as to not overwhelm my attempt at becoming fit once again.  What good is rapid weight loss due to working out 2+ times per day if it is accompanied by burnout?  If I were in better shape, this may not be an issue, but I am in many respects starting from ground zero.

I will evaluate how DDP Yoga helps one’s health as well as how it impacts one’s tennis. I will post weekly updates cataloguing what I have done in terms of tennis and yoga over the previous week along with any impacts on my weight (no way do I give out my starting weight).  I will also comment on whether or not my tennis play improves beyond what one would expect from losing a few pounds.  Increased flexibility should be a plus, but I am not sure how exactly how this will translate on a tennis court during match play.

It will be nice to add some flexibility even if Nole’s flexibiity is beyond the horizon

I am excited about the potential of DDP Yoga for a few reasons.  First, my flexibility has always been suspect even when I was younger and in better shape. Therefore, I expect health and daily life benefits from doing this program.  Second, it does not require a lot of room or equipment.  As the father of 3, clutter is something that must be avoided.  Finally, DDP Yoga seems geared toward people who want improved strength, flexibility, and overall health while not requiring a deep understanding of a particular metaphysical outlook.  I probably love metaphysical speculation more than the average person, but adding that wrinkle to a fitness plan when one is out of shape could make a daunting project look that much harder to start.  For selfish reasons, I hope that this is quite successful for me and offers a possible option for tennis players to incorporate into their fitness routines.  Of course, I will report my results even if health benefits and tennis benefits are few and far between.  For the sake of my health, I hope this is not the case.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Swanquis says:

    Feel the burn, Danny boy! Good luck, we’re holding you accountable on the whole “accountability” thing…

    1. Dan Martin says:

      My millions er thousands of readers will know if I am lying – My readership numbers have been very strong since Jan 2014

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