DDP Yoga for Tennis Week 1 Review


Unfortunately on April 1st, I pulled my hamstring playing tennis.  That cut into my tennis and yoga time.  I do not have a ton to report, but will add a week to this series as my hamstring is more or less better now.  Here is what I have done to this point:

March 31: I did 5 of DDP Yoga’s Diamond Cutters and 5 Touchdowns 

  • This was really a light work out and an attempt just to get familiar with two of the twelve basic moves from his workout set.  Each workout engages glutes and quads so therefore engages two of the largest muscle groups in the body.  From a weight loss standpoint, this seems to be DDP Yoga’s line in the sand.  If a person is regularly engaging two of their largest muscle groups, that person will likely lose weight.

April 1: I lunged for a forehand volley while playing doubles and planted my right leg awkwardly.  By the evening, I could tell I had done something to my right hamstring.

This young man’s verbal presentation style is a bit different than DDP’s, but it is the same move

April 7: With my hamstring feeling better, I did the Diamond Dozen tutorial on the twelve basic moves of DDP Yoga. Having dabbled in the past with DDP Yoga, I did the moves during both the demonstration and participation stages turning it into a nice 25 minute workout with some time for breathing while preparing for the next move.

  • I particularly liked the rows (see video above) as they helped my upper spin feel good.
  • I woke up feeling great and wanting to do it again.

April 8:  I did the Diamond Dozen again.  My hamstring is healthy to the point that if it does not rain tomorrow I will play tennis as well as do DDP Yoga.

  • This should tell me if the workouts are at this point helping any with tennis.  I do feel more loose.  As I said in part 1, I have never had good flexibility.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Swanquis says:

    Don’t force the issue with the hammy, Dan. (I’m also on the sideline, having torn a tendon in my foot 10 days ago).

    1. Dan Martin says:

      The Diamond Dozen at least seems to help my hamstring. Rain is making tennis itself hard to do so I won’t push it on court or with one of the higher intensity workouts.

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