US Open 2015: Halep vs. Azarenka Quarterfinal Prediction

Simona Halep vs. Victoria Azarenka

Can we please see a lot of points like these?

Vika is playing great tennis.  Simona just won a gut check match.  This could be the match of the tournament.  Is Simona healthy?  If Simona is not healthy, Vika should roll through this match given Azarenka’s current form.  If Simona is healthy, this will be a war between two of the best movers on the tour.

Vika has more offense in her game than Halep, and Vika can also play dazzling defense.  Halep may be the best defensive player on tour.  Most points will likely involve Vika taking some sort of initiative, and Halep trying to counter-punch from that spot.  Vika’s chances at victory will center on how well she serves and how well she counters Halep’s counter-punches.  If Vika passes both of those tests, I think she wins the match.  If Halep elicits errors and causes Vika to have a few doubts when trying to command the court, Halep will likely advance.

What will happen?  I honestly have no idea.  Vika is in incredible form.  She has more weapons when looking at each player on paper.  Halep may also have a bad wheel.  All of that points toward Vika, but Halep is a fighter.  If this turns into a fight, Halep can get traction and win.  Vika needs to dictate and grab a lead to win.

My Prediction: My gut says Halep finds a way.  My head says Vika is on a mission.  My gut tends to not have a great record when countering my head so Victoria Azarenka d. Simona Halep 6-4, 2-6, 6-4. 


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