Djokovic’s 2015 Could Get Better Heading into Big 2016

Brutal Dominance in 2011 means what when describing 2015?

We know Nole has posted a 27-1 Grand Slam record with 3 major titles and a runner-up finish at Roland Garros.  Nole has also won 4 Masters 1000 titles while finishing as a runner-up at 2 others.  If Nole completes a Beijing and Shanghai sweep, that will mean 5 Masters 1000 titles before the Bercy.  Novak very well could win 6 Masters 1000 shields and a 5th career World Tour Finals to launch himself into 2016.  Novak was unbelievable in 2011, but played through the fall season looking fatigued.  He has already posted a better year in 2015, but Novak also appears to be ending on a high note.  With 2016 offering the possibility of Olympic glory on top of the regular 4 slams, 9 Masters 1000 shields, and World Tour Finals, Novak could be building momentum for what may be the biggest year of his career.

Who is his rival moving forward?


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