Umag 2016: Championship Prediction

[4] Fabio Fognini (ITA) vs Andrej Martin (SVK) H2H

This match is a great story for Martin (no relation) who has battled through many challenger events in his career.  He has banked at least 150 ATP ranking points.  With a win, he will add 100 more points to that total.  He is a capable player who competes well. Still, Fognini has a lot of firepower.  He should beat Andrej Martin.  I am not sure he will because Fognini’s willingness to compete is questionable.  That may be Martin’s only edge entering the match, but it is not a small one.  If Martin is not too nervous and plays as though he would crawl over broken glass to win this title and 250 ranking points, he will have a chance.  If Fognini plays like a good frontrunner and imposes his experience, Fabio should win.

My Prediction: Fabio Fognini d. Andrej Martin: 6-2, 6-4 – Fognini has to be the pick as the match seems to be on his racquet.  


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