Could a Tennis Player Win 8 Gold Medals in 1 Olympic Games?

I had some fun with this 4 years ago ahead of the last summer games.

Tennis Abides: Dan Martin on Tennis and Life

With the addition of mixed doubles, a tennis player can certainly win 3 gold medals in one Olympic games.  However, we found out in 2008 that 8 gold medals is the apex of Olympic achievements.  Of course, I will ignore that swimming gives multiple medals for covering the same distance with different techniques and has a lot more relays than say track and field does.  After all, who wants to see Usain Bolt backpedal or skip for 100M?

It would take too much training to win medals in both tennis and another racquet sport unless paddle tennis became an Olympic sport

So here is my improbable path for Roger, Novak, Andy or Serena to achieve 8 gold medals.  The given player would have to sweep the 3 tennis events.  Badminton has singles, doubles and mixed doubles events as well.  This would get a racquet maestro to 6 gold medals.  Table…

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