US Open 2016: Kerber vs. Wozniacki Semifinal Prediction

Angelique Kerber vs. Caroline Wozniacki

Based on most of 2016, Kerber would be heavily favored in this match.  Kerber has had an outstanding year even if one includes some of her post Australian Open wobbles.  Wozniacki has found her best tennis since the 2014 US Open at the 2016 US Open.  Kerber won 2 of 3 meetings in 2015, but they have not met in 2016.

Both players move well on court and have good stamina.  Kerber’s lefty forehand is more of a natural weapon than anything in Wozniacki’s arsenal.  Still, Wozniacki’s consistency, when the Dane is playing well, is a weapon in and of itself.  Kerber’s success in this match will hinge on finding the delicate balance between consistency and letting her forehand do damage.  If Kerber can find sections of the court that keep Wozniacki in neutral, Kerber should find enough opportunities for her forehand to become grooved.  If not, Wozniacki may make one of the most improbably tournament runs to the US Open final in years.

What I think will happen?  I think the first set will be especially tight.  In that time, my guess is Kerber will more and more find the patterns of shot placement she needs to keep Wozniacki in trouble.  Once Kerber establishes those patterns, the match will turn in her favor.

My Prediction: Angelique Kerber d. Caroline Wozniacki 7-6, 6-2


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