US Open 2016: Williams vs. Pliskova Semifinal Prediction

Serena Williams vs. Karolina Pliskova

Serena looked vulnerable to a degree in her quarterfinal win over Simona Halep.  Karolina Pliskova is riding a winning streak into her first ever major semifinal.  Does that mean we will have a competitive match?  Maybe.  Pliskova is a good player who is playing well.  Her biggest issue is that she tends to play offense based tennis.  If Serena puts Pliskova on the defensive, this match is unlikely to be competitive.  Karolina Pliskova has to serve well and keep Serena Williams off balance.  If she does this, scoreboard pressure might mount and the match could be a 3 set classic.

What do I think will happen?  I think Pliskova will serve well enough to split the difference.  The match will be semi-competitive, but in the end Serena Williams ability to go from defense to offense, her ability to dictate play, and her experience will be the difference.

My Prediction: Serena Williams d. Karolina Pliskova 6-4, 6-4

Confidence in this pick – moderate


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  1. It wasn’t expected for Karolina Pliskova to win yesterday’s game played in the US Open 2016 tournament. Ranked as #11 in ATP, K. Pliskova applied successfully her strengths and scored a well deserved victory against Serena Williams. I am happy to see her to move further in the tournament and rankings.

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Agreed – it was unexpected but also a revelation for what she can mean to the WTA Tour

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