Wimbledon 2017: Gilles Müller

Gilles Müller’s at the End of the Day

The big lefty from Luxembourg is unlikely to ever win a Grand Slam singles title before his career ends.  Aside from money, he can hopefully look back on his career with a great deal of satisfaction.  Consider the memories he has made and continues to make:

  1. Two Wimbledon wins over GOAT candidate and 5-time Wimbledon finalist Rafael Nadal

  2. Reaching 5 Tournament Finals on 3 Surfaces in 2016 and 2017 & Taking Home Two Titles

  3. Being the Flag-Bearer for Luxembourg at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

  4. Beating Hall of Famer and then US #1 Andy Roddick at the 2005 US Open

  5. Thirteen Plus Years of Traveling the World and Testing Himself against the ATP Tour – Ultimately what it is all about


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