Wimbledon 2017: Scheduling Concerns

Wimbledon’s Middle Monday:

Initial Court Assignments – A Non Issue

A tournament trying to fit 16 highly meaningful singles matches into one day is always going to lead to questions about why a given player is on a certain court.  This to me is a non-issue.  This is the greatest day in terms of a high volume of big matches being available to fans.  That comes at the price of some elite players being placed on smaller courts.  Short of playing on the middle Sunday and splitting these matches up, there is no way to not have some elite players on smaller courts.

Changing Assigned Courts – Flexibility Needed

Novak Djokovic should have been able to play on Centre Court (period).  Shifting players to Centre Court with its roof is an obvious step when the alternative is placing two or more players off schedule and at a potential disadvantage.  This sort of situation makes one think that blowing up the middle Sunday hiatus is necessary if open courts are not being used to keep matches on schdeule.


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  1. AP says:

    But why not play on middle Sunday then. Surely the most anachronistic relic left in sport. About 95% on spectators only get to watch the Saturdays and Sundays of Wimbledon on TV, and the authorities take one of those 4 days away due to this hangover from the amateur era. It used to be the same with Test Matches, football and rugby but all other sports now play on Sundays. If it is a question of needing a day’s break then fine – a Middle Monday break after a full day’s play on Sunday …

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Yeah, I can see a case for having the middle Sunday open for play. I think it is an idea worth exploring for the reasons you mention.

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