Wimbledon 2017: Venus Williams vs. Johanna Konta Semifinal Prediction


Venus Williams vs. Johanna Konta

This match feels like the main event as compared to the other semifinal.  Venus Williams has won 5 Wimbledon singles titles, has been a 3 time Wimbledon runner-up, has won the ladies’ doubles title 6 times with her sister, and won a gold medal with her sister on the courts of Wimbledon.  Johanna Konta is the #1 player from the UK and looks to be the first female citizen of the UK to win Wimbledon since Virginia Wade in 1977.  This is not the “not since Fred Perry …” levels of expectation that faced Andy Murray, but 40 years is a long time to wait for a home grown champion.  Konta is 4 sets from winning this title and took a big trophy home in Miami earlier this year.

It is one of the most decorated champions ever versus one carrying the hopes of a nation. Yes, this is the main event of the two semifinals even though obviously each winner will have a shot at the title.  This match will come down to who handles the pressure of the situation better as much as it does tennis mechanics.  Konta has been mentally tough, but I think Venus has so much more experience that the mental edge has to fall in Venus’ favor.  However, the atmosphere of the crowd will be pretty unique and that has to benefit Konta.  That brings it back to tennis.  If Venus plays cleanly, her power should lead to win.  If the hitches in some of Venus’ strokes negatively impact her level of play, Konta will likely hold her nerve enough to reach the final.  I am pretty split on this match, but when in doubt I give a nod to experience.  Venus Williams wins in 2 sets.



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