Wimbledon 2017: Sam Querrey vs. Marin Cilic Semifinal Prediction


Sam Querrey vs. Marin Cilic

I like this match for several reasons.  I think Cilic is a favorite who has a chance to recast how his 2014 US Open title is viewed by reaching a second major final.  Sam Querrey is an underdog with a clear puncher’s chance.  Cilic plays the classic big man tennis (1.98 M/6’6″) and likes to control points early off of his serve or return and then dictate play.  Querrey is a big man (1.98 M/6’6″ also) with a game predicated on a stinging serve and powerful forehand, but he does not command the center of the court the way Cilic likes to.  Querrey dominated the draw in Acapulco earlier this year including a dominant championship victory over Rafael Nadal.  Querrey has also landed BIG upsets at Wimbledon over the past 2 years.  Cilic has a major title and also took a Masters 1000 title by claiming Cincinnati 2016.

This match in my mind will come down to who returns better as both men will serve with plenty of pace, spin, and placement.  Cilic’s backhand is more reliable in my mind to Querrey’s once rallies begin, but I think it is also a better shot on returns than Querrey’s backhand.  Over time, that should be the difference.  Also, until a player wins a major semifinal it is hard to know what those stakes will do to his level of play.  Cilic has reached the semifinal round or better on 4 occassions at 3 different majors.  This is Querrey’s first major semifinal.

My prediction: Marin Cilic d. Sam Querrey 7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3




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