Wimbledon 2017: Venus Williams Ascending

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Venus is sometimes called the Morning Star or the Evening Star by stargazers.  Venus Williams shined in the dawn of her career and continues to shine at 37 years of age.  

I have not made up my mind who I think will win tomorrow when Venus Williams and Garbine Muguruza faceoff for the Wimbledon title.  That prediction is forthcoming.  What Venus Williams has done in 2017 is impressive.  Consider that all of her contemporaries save Serena Williams have retired.  Svetlana Kuznetsova and Maria Sharapova broke through in 2004 and are the next closest in terms of quality years on tour to Venus and Serena.  Venus Williams reached the 1997 US Open final and won her first two majors in singles and gold medals in singles and doubles in 2000.

By the end of 2000, Venus Williams had won 2 majors in singles, 2 majors in doubles, 2 majors in mixed doubles, and 2 gold medals while also having ascended to #1 in the world.  Venus Williams was headed to the Hall of Fame by the end of 2000 yet here she is fighting for her 6th Wimbledon singles title in 2017.  Venus Williams is the older sister to a 23-time major winning singles phenom named Serena Williams.  Because of their familial ties, doubles exploits, and closeness in age, they are often thought of as a unit when it comes to Venus but Serena’s 23 majors allow her both time as one of the Williamses and as a star all on her own.

Venus Williams is probably the second best player of her generation and is certainly one of the top two players of her generation in terms of longevity.  Yet, she is often seen as part of a tandem.  That has not been terrible for her as she does hold 14 Grand Slam doubles titles and 3 gold medals in doubles.  All of these doubles crowns were won with her sister.  Yet, a potential Wimbledon title in 2017 is, much like her silver medal in Mixed Doubles at the Rio, a title that would shine as an accomplishment separate from Serena.  Venus is sometimes called the Morning or Evening Star by star-gazers.  Venus Williams has shined in the dawn of her career and she continues to shine at 37 years of age.  She has been an idol to my daughter.  She was extremely gracious when I was in the press room with her at Cincinnati 2013.  She has been a great leader and ambassador for tennis on a myriad of issues.  Those of us who love tennis likely hope she keeps playing for as long as she desires to do so.  We should also appreciate what awaits on Saturday at Wimbledon.



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