Cincinnati 2016: Matching Players to Kentucky Bourbons

Another Cincinnati related Throwback Thursday entry

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Masters Cincinnati is close enough to Kentucky that visitors can likely find more bourbon options than they have at home.  This is particularly true if one jaunts south of the Ohio River into Kentucky to a place like The Party Source.  Bill Straub, friend of Tennis Abides, and bourbon expert from Modern  Thirst took my descriptions of the top 5 male seeds and gave corresponding bourbons for their personality.


#1 Seed Andy Murray – He is talented, temperamental, and sometimes too passive. 


Why? The quintessential single barrel bourbon, Blanton’s is a smooth and sweet bourbon executed perfectly.   It’s also the bourbon I’ve used more than once to win over my Anglo-phile scotch-whisky-drinking friends to the world of truly fine whiskey (with an “e”) that is Kentucky Bourbon.  We don’t need any of that peaty smoke here, just whiskey made the way god intended: the Kentucky way. 

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  1. What a difference a year can make (to the top seeds).

    1. Dan Martin says:

      Yeah, this year it might be the year of the missing bourbon bottles or something.

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