Tennis Abides Community: Help Launch a Hit for Puerto Rico



Andy Roddick said he’d be down to help if tennis tried to get a Hit for Haiti style event together for Puerto Rico.  Tennis is a great international sport, and therefore, it can respond to disasters around the globe.  I was quite proud when Carlos Moya generously donated his winner’s check from Chennai to tsunami relief in 2005.  Since then, many “Hit for” events have been held that have helped bring funds and awareness to areas impacted by natural disasters.

Create and Share Your Own Hit for Puerto Rico

If Andy Roddick is on board, I am sure we can help get others on board.  Also, we can all go hit some tennis balls with a friend and make sure to donate to relief efforts for Puerto Rico before or after our next tennis outing.  My hit for Puerto Rico will be with my dad, Ed Martin, and it will take place no later than this weekend.

Share your Hit for Puerto Rico stories with me here and/or at @danmartintennis on Twitter

Where to Donate

Here are links to charities aimed at helping Puerto Rico provided by PBS News Hour:

Also, here is Monica Puig’s suggestions for donating:


Here is how you can have a hit for Puerto Rico:

  1. Hit with a Friend
  2. Make a Donation to a Puerto Rican Relief Effort
  3. Share Your Story with me at Tennis Abides and/or @danmartintennis on twitter

My father and I hit at George Rogers Clark Park in Louisville, KY today.  We jointly made a $50 donation to Monica Puig’s fundraising efforts (linked below).  Here is what I looked like after the hit.

Update: $50 to Monica Puig’s fundraising goal + $25 from a sponsor of the hit toward the Red Cross.  Running total: $75

22164036_10101110720574159_797621408_o (1) – Monica Puig’s Efforts

I have a greater Cincinnati Area Hit for Puerto Rico in the works as well.



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