Tim Mayotte Interview Part 1

Tennis Abides: Dan Martin on Tennis and Life

Winning the 1987 Paris Indoor
Tim Mayotte won the silver medal in singles at the 1988 Olympic Games, reached 10 Grand Slam quarterfinal rounds, 2 Grand Slam Semifinal rounds, and won the Bercy.  He claimed 12 singles titles and reached #7 in the world.  He has been kind enough to discuss his career, development in the US, and other topics.

1.  First, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed.  It is an honor for me.  Can you let everyone know how you are involved in tennis today?

Tennis for me was a family affair. As the youngest of 8 children who all played tennis, I benefited both from a passionate Dad who loved the game and a number of talented siblings. My brother Chris got as high as #79 in the world, and my brother John had ATP points.  John is currently 2 in the nation in the 65 and overs. My sister Mary is…

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