Interviewing Butler University’s Preston Cameron

image-2[Note: I was a teacher and assistant tennis coach at Saint Xavier High School in Louisville during the 2018 season in which Preston was a 12th-grade student]

1. As a high school player, you won 3 consecutive state doubles titles with three different partners. What are your thoughts on that unique accomplishment?

It was really special for me to bond and click with a different player each year. Matt, Spence, and Will all three made me a better player and taught me how to truly work together with someone to achieve a goal.

2. Can you share any tips for improving in doubles?

Tennis is a tough sport. Holding serve makes it a whole lot easier haha. Placement of serve, a high return percentage, and being the first team to reach the net are the three things I think are most important for being successful in doubles.

3. What has the transition from high school to college tennis been like?

It has been a tough transition with the level of play and how good of players all these guys are but Saint X tennis and coaches prepared me so well I was able to adjust quickly.


4. Who has influenced your game? Did you pattern any of your game after a specific player or players?

The biggest influence to my game was my friends and family. Whenever I would win a match they would be so enthusiastic and happy that it made me always want to win. I don’t really pattern my game off of anyone but I do admire the professional players that are consistently so positive and mentally tough. That is the largest thing I try to model off of my idols.

State Title 2

5. Do you have a favorite USTA or UTR memory prior to college?

My best tennis memories are with my brothers at Saint Xavier. State Championships and all the countless hours we spent working to be the best we could be. Throughout my tennis career, my four years at Saint X are the ones I cherish the most.




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