Novak Djokovic Reaches 7th Heaven and 15-Love in Oz

Novak Djokovic emphatically consolidated his mastery of the ATP Tour and Grand Slam play by claiming his record 7th Australian Open title and 15th overall major with a jaw-dropping straight-sets victory over Rafael Nadal.Β  Rafa entered the final by mowing everyone down.Β  I expected a 4 to 5 set win from Djokovic.Β  Instead, Nole broke Rafa to take a 2-0 lead in the first set and never looked back.Β  To beat the world #2 who was healthy and playing well so thoroughly tells you everything you need to know about Djokovic’s level of play.

The 2019 Tennis Season has not been canceled.Β  Many players are making strides on tour.Β  Rafa played wonderful tennis over 6 matches.Β  A few injured players will try to regain health.Β  Many things can happen this year, but two things are clear the moment: 1) Novak Djokovic is #1 for the foreseeable future 2) Novak Djokovic has banked one major for 2019 before the end of January.

PS – Worth seeing this hilarious moment


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