Pete Sampras is a Legend

14 majors, 6-years finished at #1, 7 Wimbledon titles & 5 US Open titles add up to one important legend of the game.  The crowd appreciated his exhibition doubles outing a great deal.

Many of Pete Sampras’ records have been broken.  Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic surpassed his 14 majors.  He no longer has the most weeks at #1 for a male player.  Roger Federer has 8 Wimbledon titles.  None of that changes his status as an all-time champion.  Someone has 8 Wimbledon titles, Pete still has 7 Wimbledon titles.  He is a legend of the game.  In some ways, being free of the mid-2000s Sampras v. Federer GOAT debates may allow for Sampras’ accomplishments to come into greater relief.

It was clear that active pros including players at the very top love Pete Sampras.  The fans at Indian Wells love him too.  Pete Sampras always let his racquet do the talking and was a player who always respected the history of the game.  Sampras doesn’t strike me as someone who sought adulation, but it is nice to see him receiving the love he deserves. Players such as Djokovic and Federer respecting history allow them to embrace Sampras is a way that seamlessly weaves various eras of tennis together.






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