My Impression of Junior Tennis from the 2019 Kentucky High School Duals

State Title 2

Eight Kentucky High Schools* converged on Seneca Park and Saint Xavier High School to contest the 2019 Kentucky High School Duals on March 22nd and 23rd.  Each school contested 3 dual matches following a 6 singles matches and 3 doubles matches format.  I noticed a few things:

  1. The really elite players have a lot of firepower in their games, but they mainly win by giving their opponent very little to work with during a rally.  They do not push the ball by any means, but they would rather hit with great depth and work over an opponent’s shot (normally a backhand) than simply blast away.  A lot of teen players have not acquired the virtue of patience, but top tennis teens have
  2. Lesser players either fail due to swinging for winners too soon/often or due to pushing the ball.  In a match between these two groups, the pusher tends to win unless a player willing to bash happens to be in the zone.
  3. Self-confidence and a willingness to compete can steal a few courts.  Playing with effort is something everyone can put forth regardless of skill level so this is a great thing for players of all levels to adopt.
  4. Finally, players who have grown up with today’s strings tend to all have fairly impressive forehands.  Still, many players give up a lot of real estate on court and judicious approaches to the net during a rally can expose players who are not natural movers.

* The eight high schools included the winner Manual (Louisville), Saint Xavier (Louisville), Trinity (Louisville), North Oldham (Greater Louisville), Henry Clay (Lexington), Ashland Paul Blazer (Near the KY-WV border), Covington Catholic (Greater Cincinnati Area), and Simon Kenton (Greater Cincinnati Area).


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