Roland Garros 2019: Djokovic vs. Thiem is no Under Card Match

4 huge story lines could play out in the men’s singles draw at Paris.  A Nadal win does mean 12 Roland Garros titles (!?!?), a Federer win would be a 2nd Roland Garros title 10 years after he won his first, a Djokovic win would be the completion of his 2nd Nole Slam (!?!?!), and a Thiem win would mean he took his first major title in part by coming through a semifinal with the big 3.

Each of those stories would be huge if it comes to fruition.  Only one of them will, but Djokovic and Thiem represent a monumental semifinal.  Dominic Thiem is knocking on the door of being a major champion.  He is doing so when everyone winning big events seems to be north of 30.  His win might represent a generational shift starting to crystallize on tour.  That alone is massive.

Then … Novak Djokovic has 15 majors, a career slam, the second most Masters Series shields of all time, the second most World Tour Finals crowns of all time, and appears poised to tie Pete Sampras’ 6 years finished at #1.  Oh yeah, between July 2015 and June 2016 Novak Djokovic was the reigning champion at all four majors!  Doing that once is something I have frequently described as being the most impressive accomplishment in tennis history.  To do it twice … no words (yet)

Either of these outcomes require a semifinal win.  This match is of tremendous importance because of what it might mean if either take the title.  It also means a very worthy finalist if either were to lose in the championship match.  This should be something.


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