Ragnarok for Tennis History this Weekend?

My son is interested in the Avengers in general and Thor in particular.  The rewriting of tennis history that could happen this weekend is massive.

Serena Williams can tie Margaret Court for the most singles majors ever (24) while also collecting an 8th Wimbledon crown.  While Serena’s 23 majors all come in the Open Era, tying Court would tie up a lot of history for Serena Williams.

Novak Djokovic stands 6 sets away from winning his fifth Wimbledon singles title (tying Bjorn Borg) as well as more or less ensuring a 6th year finished at #1 tying Pete Sampras (who did it consecutively).  This would give Djokovic 16 majors and a good shot at catching Rafa and Roger in the overall major haul.

Rafael Nadal is 6 sets away from his 3rd Wimbledon crown and first since 2010.  To do so, he will need to level his grass court record vs. Roger Federer at 2-2 in a rematch of their 2006-2008 Wimbledon finals meetings.  This would also give Rafa 19 majors and the inside track at the all-time major lead.

Roger Federer could reach his 12th Wimbledon final and avenge his most famous loss with 3 sets won.  Add another 3 sets and Federer would win a 9th Wimbledon singles title, his 103rd overall singles title, and his 21st major.  A 21st major would buttress his lead over Djokovic and Nadal in that race.

Of course, Simona Halep who has played masterfully could win her second major.  Roberto Bautista Agut is 2-0 vs. Djokovic in 2019.  He could be the ultimate dark horse and pen a Wimbledon story for the ages by beating 2 of the big 3 to claim a Wimbledon trophy.  In those cases, history would certainly record what happened with great interest, but it would not be the seemingly weekly rewriting of history we’ve seen since what 2009?  Maybe history strikes back and says slow down or maybe we get another new set of tennis records to admire.


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