DDP Yoga for Tennis – Week 1 Review

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Given Novak Djokovic’s focus on flexibility, I can see tennis moving toward a greater emphasis on something like DDP Yoga in training. Dominant champions always leave some sort of mark on how the sport is taught. I think this makes today’s review noteworthy.

I completed 7 straight days of doing at least one DDP Yoga routine. I have done 2 longer work outs, 3 shorter work outs, and 2 sample workouts before I bought the app/web access. I also did a breathing exercise and listened to my week 1 message. The Short Review: My joints feel better than they have in years, I am standing taller, and my muscles have gotten good work while also sweating a bit. This has all happened without feeling sore.


I bought a DVD set for Yoga for Regular Guys/DDP Yoga several years ago. I enjoyed the program, but I ultimately did not stick with it. To disclose, I have a child with several medical complexities. There have been times I have let stress pull me away from healthy things such as playing tennis, other workouts, and sleeping sufficient hours. I had been in one of my stressed phases when I thought about giving DDPY another shot 8 days ago. I am glad I did.

Longer Review

The DDP Yoga program was developed by combining various yoga positions with calisthenics and workouts used in physical therapy/injury rehabilitation. The program boasts that it increases flexibility, strength, and balance while helping a person burn fat without any serious impacts that can harm joints.

I wanted to get my tennis game to a new level after this, but all I ended up doing is hurting my knees.

I am an assistant high school tennis coach. I was inspired by my team’s high school state championship in Kentucky last spring. I wanted to shed a few pounds and return to my older playing skill. I tried some silly things for someone in his 40s such as doing some standing broad jumps. I also jumped some rope which was much less risky than the broad jump, but it all felt hard on my knees and ankles. Getting older kind of stinks.

The longer workouts certainly did a job aerobically while also stretching me. My joints feel better. My shoulders and neck also feel really loose. I could see this being a big plus on serving and on overheads. My muscles feel invigorated as well. The app allows for access to many workouts including workouts for people with injuries, people who cannot move to the ground to do certain moves, and for people who need to balance on a chair. There are some shorter workouts and a lot of 25-50 minute workouts as well. There are different intensity levels to choose from as well.

Differences from the YRG DVDs I Had

The biggest difference between the App and the DVD set I had is the variety of workouts available on the App. The entire DVD set I had is available along with many other things. Access to the nutrition advice and motivational program is a nice bonus. Also, a point system exists to add some extra motivation with rewards for various milestones. I am a little over 1/50th of my way to a reward after 1 week.

Some of the moves are slightly modified from the original YRG versions, but the moves are mostly the same. There are some twists on how some moves can be modified to add more cardiovascular work. For instance, a version of crunches can be done from the broken table position. Some of the DDP curls utilize a different foot positioning than was used in the original DVD set as well. Still, if one knew the older methods, it would be an easy adjustment to the newer content.

Final Verdict after 1 Week With Future Verdicts Forthcoming – It is Great Program. Given Djokovic’s flexibility, I could see work like this being more and more integrated into tennis training.

* PS – I received no money or discounts for this review. I am reviewing this because I am so happy with what 7 days of the program feels like.


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