Topshelf Open 2014: Championship Prediction Becker vs. Agut

[3] Roberto Bautista Agut (ESP)  vs. Benjamin Becker (GER)

Roberto Bautista Agut has put together a solid 2014.  He went from being largely unknown to becoming a solid player who can do damage in a draw sheet.  Benjamin Becker is best known for defeating Andre Agassi in his final match at the 2006 US Open.  Becker has a big serve.  Agut is likely better than Becker in every phase of the game other than the serve.  On a clay or hard court, I’d take Agut without hesitation.  Agut, like Lopez in Eastbourne, played 2 matches today.  How well he recovers is a big question.

Prediction: I think Agut can win this match if he can get his teeth into it.  Becker needs to keep points short and not allow long rallies to expose any weaknesses.  Agut’s stamina and Becker’s serve will determine if Agut gets his teeth into the match.  My guess is that Agut does and wins 6-4, 6-2.


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