Tennis Power Ranking 2016: Murray’s Italian Offensive

The Sixth Tennis Power Ranking for 2016

  1. Novak Djokovic – Novak would have stayed at #1 had he lost his first match in Rome. In that respect, his wins over Rafa and Nishikori bolster his position.  Rafa’s game effort, Kei being tough, and Murray winning in Rome make his road to Paris look more interesting though.  
  2. Andy Murray – Andy beat Rafa in Madrid and then beat Novak in Rome to take the title.  That leads to him jumping to #2.  Andy is playing some the best clay tennis of his life.  Change since last ranking +1
  3. Rafael Nadal – Rafa played Novak as well as he has since his win at the 2014 Roland Garros final.  Still, he has a losing streak versus Novak that is not easily dismissed. Change since last ranking – 1
  4. Kei Nishikori – Kei was runner-up at Barcelona and a semifinalist at both Madrid and Rome.  He rounds out the list of four plausible winners at Roland Garros.
  5. Dominic Thiem – He did enough to stay #5.
  6. Nick Kyrgios – Nick played well versus Rafa on clay.  Change since last ranking + 1
  7. David Goffin – He put a double bagel on a top 10 player.  Change since last ranking – Not ranked
  8. Milos Raonic – Milos’ results will likely improve on faster surfaces, but he has played well enough on clay to stay in the mix.  Change since last ranking – 2
  9. Gael Monfils – Gael should not be ignored based on his very solid 2016 results.  Change since last ranking – 1
  10. Roger Federer – Roger is hanging around based upon his strong play in Melbourne and Brisbane.  Can he get healthy?  If so, when?  Change since last ranking – 1


Biggest Mover – Milos Raonic – 2

Entered the Poll – David Goffin

Dropped out of the Poll – Tomas Berdych (See Goffin, David)


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  1. What an incredible way to finish off a tournament!


    1. Dan Martin says:

      Biggest win for Murray since? Probably, Davis Cup but maybe Wimbledon 2013

      1. Wimbledon 2013 by a mile…breaking that streak of non-British winners was enormous! 🙂

      2. Dan Martin says:

        I’d rank Murray’s wins as 1. Wimbledon 2013 2. US Open 2012 3. Gold Medal 2012 4. Davis Cup 2015 5. Rome Title 2016 (?)

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