Masters 1000 – Montreal 2017: Semifinal Predictions

Predicted Winners in BOLD

[2] Roger Federer (SUI) vs. Robin Haase (NED) H2H –  Roger Federer should win this match.  Federer has stated he’d like at least 1 more week at #1.  A win here is worth an additional 240 points.  I think the 36-year-old should win this match so long as he plays at a reasonable level.

[4] Alexander Zverev (GER) vs. [WC] Denis Shapovalov (CAN) – Shapovalov has been a lot of fun to watch this week.  He has played with great nerve and managed to win key points.  He has tapped into the crowd for support as well.  If he were fully rested, I think this match would be more in doubt.  However, 2 consecutive 3 set duels plus two landmark wins over Nadal and JMDP have to have taken a toll.  We saw some of that in Shapovalov’s slow start in his quarterfinal match.  Zverev won DC and has played well in Montreal.  Zverev being 20 and Shapovalov being 18 makes this match one of the more exciting things to happen in tennis.  Can one of both of these players become a true top tier player?  This match won’t decide that question for either player, but it is fun to think of what might be.  Each guy takes pride in his tennis and will want to do well against a peer in addition to wanting to reach a Masters 1000 final.  Shapovalov has the crowd behind him, but I think Zverev will set himself (for now) at the top of the NextGen pecking order.



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